On-the-job support is often necessary to help smooth out the difficult transition period immediately following a technology deployment.

In the early days of any technology programme, pre-defined workflows become fluid as operational reality kicks in, and the new technologies are bedded in. 

An effective support team not only provides the critical first-line at the desk, gallery, studio or newsroom, but also provides a crucial feedback loop between the sharp-end of deployment and the management team.

Where training is rolled out in phases, the support team informs of any changes to the ways in which new technology is actually being used, keeping training up-to-date and relevant.

In order to provide effective training, we need to have a deep understanding of the specific workflows and technologies being deployed.


This makes us ideally equipped to provide ongoing support for the projects on which we are training. We can provide your project with:

• First-line, 'floorwalker' support
• User-guides, help videos, tips & tricks, cheat-sheets
• Ongoing training refinement
• Management information

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