Whether you’re changing technology or just shifting workflows, good training and knowledge management add the final dimension to a successful transition.

We have designed and delivered high-calibre training courses and programs for companies around the world, training thousands of media professionals in the process. We have helped the likes of BSkyB, BBC, The Times, Foxtel, The Sunday Times, Sky News Arabia, University of Salford, McCann Ericsson, TBWA and WPP improve and develop their teams, and achieve successful transition to new production tools and workflows.

Our experience and approach makes us unique within media training, and ideally placed to provide that extra dimension to your project.

Whether training needs are short-term and tactical, or long-term and transformational, we can respond by providing:

High quality training - well-honed and delivered in a timely fashion - is a vital ingredient in harnessing the real potential of your people and teams, and is the final but essential piece of the technology jigsaw.

Tech Change Training

  • Entirely custom-built to your specification
  • Based around workflows, not just software
  • Integrated with your change program

Short Bespoke Courses

  • Tailored to your specification
  • Ideal for developing specific knowledge and skills
  • Scalable from small teams to entire organisations

Off-the-shelf Training

  • Short courses across a range of media disciplines
  • Ready to be deployed instantly
  • Available as single or multi-client deliveries
As many of our clients testify, effective training can go a long way to help optimise efficiency and creativity, and maximise the value of your production technology.


Major technology change programs

We have considerable experience of major technology change programmes, where training and support requirements are complex and encompass hundreds (or sometimes thousands) of media professionals across a range of disciplines.

In such cases, we can provide a broader service which includes workflow consultancy, training and ongoing support.