Sky Sports

The move to a new facility and the transition to end-to-end ‘tapeless’ at BSkyB marked a major transformation for the UK-based broadcaster. In order to continue high quality production, and reap the benefits of the new facility, the Sky Sports production teams needed to adapt quickly and effectively; not only to new tools and workflows, but a whole new language of file-based working.

Following the successful delivery of workflow training to more than 500 Broadcast Operations staff, we were asked to design and deliver a comprehensive training program on the new file-based production tools and workflows.

We used our 4D Training (C) approach to understand the entire end-to-end production workflows, and provide a simple, efficient program. Our solution was an innovative and engaging program combining contextual training (‘why and what’) with practical workflow training (‘how’), which enabled individuals and teams to first understand the new tools, terms, language and workflows, before learning to use those new tools in day-to-day production.

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