Our process, innovation and experience make us unique. And unrivalled.

We're a unique company. We need to be. The diverse nature of media systems and workflows means that, most of the time, our clients need a custom solution: one size does not fit all.

We combine proven processes with innovation and unrivalled experience to create and deliver made-to-measure training, as well as workflow consulting and support services.

Clients praise us not only for getting right to the heart of what they need, but for delivering exceptionally high quality training, very efficiently, and playing an integral role in even the most complex of change programmes.

We don't make vague promises to improve your business. We do deliver tangible, measurable results. Quickly.

We train people, not systems...

We go far beyond generic software and hardware training. 

Most major technology purchases will include an element of vendor training. This is often very generic, with no consideration of the specifics your workflow, or how their technology interacts with other elements in the wider system architecture.

Our training is workflow-based. We teach people to do their job, including all of the the new ways of working; whether that means software, hardware, processes, or all of the above. 

We train in media production, not Excel spreadsheets...

Generic software training companies have neither knowledge of your business in particular or experience of the media industry in general.

If you're looking to train your staff in Microsoft Word or SAP, these companies might suffice.

But, if your business hinges on the quality of the content created in your production system, let us develop a training program that doesn’t just fit your team, but is made-to-measure. 

Why choose us?

Proven approach

Our unique 4D training model, developed and refined by working with some the biggest brands in media, is a key element in the success of the projects we work on. It provides a structured framework for the discovery, design, development and delivery of training, while leaving room for innovation and a dash of magic.


Great training engages and resonates with the group. We use innovative formats and delivery techniques to engage your team and ensure they, and you, get the most from the project.


We understand how broadcasters, production companies and newsrooms work. Our team blends full-time educators and principles with industry-active trainers and consultants, all of whom have first-hand, frontline experience of producing content across all platforms - television, online, mobile, print. Outside the training room, our trainers shoot and edit TV programmes, direct in the gallery, design systems and workflows and create news pages.


Our experience of large-scale training and technology projects means we know how projects operate. We know how to fit alongside (or embed within) with your team, and we know that effective integration can make the difference between 'OK' and 'outstanding'. We make sure that our strengths become yours.