Is your media company changing its technology? Our unique 4D Training approach shapes the training you need for a successful implementation.

Whether your media company is implementing new technology, changing workflows or developing your team, we have a proven model of high-calibre training which gets results, quickly.

Whatever your reasons for commissioning training, if the users don’t gain the required knowledge and skills, quickly and effectively, then the resulting failure can have significant costs, unsettle staff and damaging brand perception.

Despite being easily avoidable, sadly such failures are are all too common.

Our 4D Training(C) approach is a proven mechanism for overcoming these challenges. We have harnessed the expertise gained from working with some of the world's leading media organisations, and over a number of years we’ve refined our techniques; shaping these into the 4D Training approach.

4D Training allows us to cut through the complexity of changing workflows and tools, and create compelling, effective training. 

It’s a unique and innovative approach to training, capable of bringing even the driest subjects areas to life.

The 4D Training© model:


We get to know your business. We spend time with the people that matter; not only the project team, but the people at the sharp end who produce the content, operate the kit and manage the business.  

We understand where you have been, where you are now, and where you are going, so that the the training we create resonates with your team and has a lasting impact.


One size does not fit all. Carefully designed style, format, structure and curriculum are the cornerstones of every successful training program.

We have a toolkit of unique, innovative and engaging approaches which we tailor for the specific needs of your team, as well as the ambitions of the business.


Training is not just about button-pushing, nor is it about knowledge in isolation. Successful training conveys ‘why’ as well as ‘how’.

We develop training programs which are workflow-focused, role-based and are rooted in the context of your operational reality. And, as your workflows evolve, so does the training.


A great training delivery is about both style and substance. Training sessions should carry an energy and intensity which augments the quality of the content.

Alongside their ability to engage and inform, our team of seasoned trainers have a wealth of industry experience; which ensures credibility throughout our deliveries and adds the final dimension to your training programme.